We Collaborate


We can assist attorneys in providing your report to the court.  Same day reports and courtesy filing if requested. We can travel to jails to provide an assessment so that treatment can be expedited if necessary and evaluations can be provided prior to court hearings.


Probation may suspect alcohol and/or drug use. We will provide a prompt evaluation indicating the need for treatment or not.  If treatment is indicated, placement will be coordinated quickly and appropriately.


We will provide a summary of findings to employers if requested for things such as workplace violations and other alcohol and/or drug suspected violations.

OWI Mandates

Upon your evaluation completion, your report will be filed with the courts and/or your attorney if no treatment is recommended or you will be referred to a treatment agency for treatment.  Upon completion of the OWI Course, we will also notify the Department of Transportation. We can take care of the paperwork for you and help walk you through this process.

Social Service Agencies

Sometimes, when families have involvement with Social Services Agencies, an objective, confidential substance abuse evaluation may be requested to determine if treatment may be beneficial.  A discounted rate will be offered to those who have a referral from DHS.  

Self and Family Referrals

There are times when one may recognize their own need for treatment. A substance abuse evaluation is required for inpatient referrals.   We will arrange for inpatient treatment if necessary or make a referral to an outpatient treatment center of choice based on the outcome of the evaluation.

School Drug/Acohol Violation

Many high school and scholastic institutions have policies pertaining to alcohol and drug use.  Schools may mandate students and/ or athletes obtain a substance abuse evaluation and comply with those recommendations.

Licensing Boards

Many times licensing boards have an obligation to assist and/or restrict professionals in various fields who may need to be assessed for alcohol or drug use. Access can provide a full, thorough evaluation and if needed, make the appropriate recommendation for treatment.

Physician and Health Care Professional Recommended

Sometimes physicians need an objective evaluation when determining if someone may be abusing substances that may be prescribed to them.

Privacy Laws Apply

Treatment Centers

It is required for an assessment to be performed prior to admission to treatment centers.  We can provide that assessment and make a referral so that the journey to recovery may begin.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Prompt and Professional Alcohol and Drug Evaluations and Education OWI Classes

Licensed by the Iowa Department of Public Health and Iowa Department of Education & Iowa DOT Provider.