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COVID-19 Statement

Due to the Waterloo City Mandate, all visitors are required to wear masks.  If you do not have one, we will provide one for you. You are also welcome to participate in an online telehealth session if you prefer.

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Our Approach

Access Evaluations & Education Services located in Waterloo, Iowa offers client-centered services in alcohol and drug counseling and OWI Course and Evaluations

At  Access, the services we offer, center around you.  

Perhaps you obtained a legal charge for the first time, or you are wondering if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or you have a long history of alcohol or drug addiction or correctional involvement, we will take the extra time to help you through it.

Our team believes that those who are deeply involved with the legal system or deep in the throes of addiction deserve the same treatment, compassion, and respect as those who are not.  We understand that privacy and dignity, as well as one's connection with their therapist, is a crucial piece of one's recovery. 

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Access Evaluations & Education

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Every Tuesday, Access also has an office for UNI students on UNI Campus- Student Health Center, 2nd floor.

Compassionately Serving Iowa


"Nothing more to say, other than Access was by far better than any class I have ever attending in the past. Felt it was worth the money spent."

"I appreciate the services offered and the concerns the staff has for each individual. Thank you.""

"Cara has helped me immensely in just the short amount of time since I began seeing her. She's patient, insightful, empathetic, reliable, friendly, funny and so, so kind and intelligent. I'm very glad that I made the decision to come to Access for counseling."

"I felt a connection with Amy immediately with our first interaction. She showed a real concern for my wellbeing and was honest in our interactions."

"It was good to converse about goals and moving forward. Always think about actions and plans. Being positive and keeping good company."

"Made me feel very comfortable!"

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